• Health supplement Fujina

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  • Introduction

    Fujina was founded under the motto “Health care trust for Vietnamese people”. Currently, the business of food supplement of the company has developed nationwide. In just a short time penetrating in the market, we have 80 distribution agents and over 6000 pharmacies as loyal partners of Fujina products.
    The most special thing we gain is the trust from customers who experience the company’s products directly. Therefore, Fujina constantly researches and develops the best quality products to serve the community.


    I. Mission:

    Provide products derived from nature herbs and made in Japan exclusively.


    II. Fundamentals:

    – Become the leading distributor in Vietnam in the field of Foods supplements.

    – Own the top brands originated from Nature and made in Japan

    – Fujina’s products always maintain the No. 1 position in terms of quality and safety compared to other imported products.


    III. Product line:

    Products originated from nature.


    IV. The core value of the company

    – Profession

    – Creation

    – Pioneers

    – Customer-focused