Price: 39USD Made in Japan

    Apply Salacimal breakthrough technology

    support stabilizing blood sugar,

    prevent complications of diabetes.

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    Price: 39USD Made in Japan

    Contain Maca Powder and oysters

    Support to promote health, increase physiology for men

    Improve sperm quality.

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    88.536 Sold

  • Sleepy – Sleep Support Supplement

    Price: 26USD Made in Japan

    Apply PICOSOME advanced technology

    Improve sleep quality, help people sleep naturally

    Reduce anxiety and relieve stress

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    Price: 17USD Made in Japan

    Help to boost children’s immune system

    Reduce risks of tussal and digestive diseases.

    Speed up recovery after sickness for children.

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  • Cardio Blood Pressure Pills

    Price: 21USD Made in Japan

    Apply innovation technology PICOSOME

    Helps Control High Blood Pressure

    Prevents complications

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  • SaraFine – Control Blood Lipid Pills

    Price: 26USD Made in Japan

    Helps Control blood lipids: lower “bad” cholesterol and fats

    Decrease risk for heart attack and stroke.

    Increase fat metabolism.

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Our story

Fujina was founded with the business motto "Reassurance for Vietnamese Health". Currently, our functional food business has grown nationwide. Within a short period of market development, we have 80 distribution agents and more than 6000 pharmacies that are loyal partners of Fujina products.

The most special achievement we have gained is the full trust from customers who directly experience our company's products. Therefore, Fujina constantly researches and develops the best quality products to serve the community.

Teambuilding activities of Fujina staffs

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